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Trips for Compensation Require PUC Authority

01/27/2016 01:31:00 PM
The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) reminds people that arranging trips for compensation within the state requires a PUC license.
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Crossing the border into Canada in a motorcoach?

01/27/2016 01:22:00 PM
Click below to obtain the necessary requirements and forms to make this an easy process for your passengers and driver.
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Changes to New Entrant Safety Assurance Program

01/27/2016 01:21:00 PM
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the US Department of Transportation has issued “Changes to the NEW Entrant Safety Assurance Program”, effective January 2010. A NEW Entrant is defined as a motor carrier not domiciled in Mexico that applies for a U.S. DOT identification number in order to initiate operations in interstate commerce.
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Commercial Drive Guide to Hours of Service

01/27/2016 01:18:00 PM
Guide to Hours of Service
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HB 14 to Stagger Registrations and Remove Registration Stickers

01/27/2016 01:16:00 PM
On January 10, 2013, House Bill 14 was introduced that would further stagger the vehicle registration process and remove registration stickers to save PennDOT money.
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HB 13 to Increase CDL/Bus Fees

01/27/2016 01:13:00 PM
On January 10, 2013, House Bill 13 was introduced that will increase (if passed) commercial driver’s license fees, and bus registration fees.
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Idling Laws

01/27/2016 01:08:00 PM
Act 124 Idling Signage Under Act 124 of 2008 (Idling Restrictions) owner/operators are required to have specific signage at your location notifying drivers of the idling restriction.
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Charter Bus Rules vs Transit

01/27/2016 12:48:00 PM
Effective April 1, 2008, new Charter Bus Rules were issued by the FTA which explain what a charter trip is and who can perform the trip. View the Charter Service Rule to find out if transit authorities are doing charter work in violation of federal law.
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ADA Requirements for Bus Operators

01/27/2016 11:34:00 AM
Below you will find important information on the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and requirements of bus operators.
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