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  • OPERATOR Membership Eligibility
    Any individual, partnership, or corporation operating motorcoaches and holding a PA Public Utility Commission certificate of public convenience, and/or a USDOT passenger transportation certificate.
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  • ASSOCIATE Membership Eligibility
    An Associate is an individual, partnership, corporation, or other business entity which engages in a business that services motorcoach operators. Examples would include bus manufacturers, engines, tires, fabric, financial, public relations, etc.
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  • TRAVEL SUPPLIER Membership Eligibility
    Travel Suppliers are representatives of tour and travel properties and associations affiliated with the bus and travel industry who want to attract and work with the bus industry. May include such businesses as convention & visitor bureaus, museums, attractions, lodging, receptive operators, etc. Not eligible are travel agents.
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  • TOUR COMPANY Membership Eligibility
    This category of membership is limited to an individual, partnership or corporation that organizes and sells outbound tours and who does not own motorcoaches. No tour operator affiliated with a bus operator is eligible for membership, unless the carrier is a PBA bus operator member.
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