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2019 Drivers and Employees of Distinction Award Honorees

07/08/2020 10:26:00 AM

The Pennsylvania Bus Association (PBA) recognized seven PBA members’ employees as the recipients of the 2019 Drivers and Employees of Distinction.  This annual award is normally presented at the Annual Meeting in June. With this year’s Annual Meeting cancelled due to the pandemic, each organization has planned celebrations for their honorees in their own way.  PBA sent engraved plaques, pins and watches for each recipient.  We congratulate all honorees!

John Coakley, Employee of Distinction Award
Klein Transportation

John is an integral part of the daily operation at Klein Transportation.  He began his career at Klein 10 years ago in their sales department after applying to be a motorcoach operator.  From sales, John transitioned to safety and operations.  As Vice President of Operations, he oversees all school bus and motorcoach drivers and the maintenance department and is always willing to get behind the wheel when necessary.  John seeks to help improve the performance of all their drivers through proactive and reactive training programs.  Klein is proud to have John represent Klein with industry organizations. 

Arthur Kenneth Eyler, Driver of Distinction Award
Fullington Trailways

Ken's professionalism, hard work, and willingness to help, has quickly led him to become a valued asset to Fullington Trailways. He is a safe and dependable driver and delivers excellent customer service.  While he has had many memorable trips, the one that stands out the most goes back to a Czech Republic high school girls’ choir that he picked up in Miami, Florida working their way along the east coast, over 14 days, to DC and New York City. Every day the group was singing/practicing on the motorcoach.

Ken has driven nearly 350,000 miles with Fullington and enjoys meeting people from all over the U.S. and the world. His forte is accepting assignments for international tour operators and multi-day student tours.

Michael Hardy, Driver of Distinction Award
Bailey Coach

Michael (aka Big Mike) has proved to be a very valuable asset to Bailey Coach. Big Mike shows true dedication in everything that he does. He not only loves the job but respects the job and every confusing, backwards thing it entails.

Groups love Big Mike's outgoing, personable, friendly personality which makes him one of our most requested drivers. He has a "go anywhere, do anything" attitude that stands out.

His safety record is proof of his exceptional skills as a professional motorcoach driver. He has shown a great ability to deal with vast situations, including bad weather, tight spaces, rowdy groups and unforgiving roads.

Jennifer Royer, Employee of Distinction Award
Fullington Trailways

Jen has been with Fullington since 2005 and has worked her way up from a Payroll Clerk to Payroll Manager and has been one of the most dedicated and conscientious employees since day one.  She has managed their payroll process from the days of paper time sheets where she basically created payroll and led the charge to move to an automated system.  Jen's ability to find the smallest errors and pay attention to every detail while processing almost 450 checks is amazing.  She is the one employee they would never want to lose!

Melissa Schleppy, Employee of Distinction Award
Trans-Bridge Tours

Melissa has worked for Trans-Bridge Tours for 22 years. She started as a reservationist for One-Day, Multi-Day and Casino tours and selling NYC line-run tickets. She assisted with planning, pricing, executing and marketing of Multi-Day tours. Melissa was promoted to Team Leader in December 2019. Her responsibilities include overseeing the customer service call center, staffing and scheduling of 4 offices and assisting the General Manager.

Melissa completed the American Bus Association Certified Travel Industry Specialist Program (CTIS) December 2016. She is willing to come in early or stay late when asked or when needed. She is patient and able to handle issues in a calming manner.

Melissa is a dedicated and dependable employee and an asset to the company.  She has gained a considerable amount of knowledge and has kept pace with the many changes of working in a motorcoach and tour company.

Tammy Skelly, Employee of Distinction Award
Bailey Coach

Tammy was nominated for her excellent work ethic. For the short time she has been with Bailey Coach, she has put her vast knowledge and skills to work learning our industry and doing such a fantastic job doing it.  She is friendly, outgoing, knowledgeable and organized. Customers and drivers love her; she is strong yet caring.

Tammy's attendance record is excellent. She shows up early and ready to work every day. She goes above and beyond to make sure the job is done, and the customer is happy. She does not leave any job incomplete. If they could clone Tammy, they would!

Jonah Stahl, Driver of Distinction Award
Werner Bus Lines

Jonah Stahl is an invaluable asset to Werner Coach. Since the time of his hire, he has had zero accidents, perfect attendance, and he is one of our most requested drivers.

Jonah is a prompt, attentive, personable, dedicated, safe, dedicated, customer-oriented, company ambassador.  Jonah steps up every time they need a driver. He trains other drivers and new hires and is always company- and team-minded.  Jonah is an exceptional employee that became an asset the day he was hired.

The Drivers and Employees of Distinction is an annual program that enables bus company members to recognize outstanding employees for contributions to the company they are employed by, their passengers, the motorcoach industry in general, and the community in which they serve.

The Pennsylvania Bus Association, incorporated in 1923, is a non-profit organization dedicated to representing the business and governmental interests of private bus companies operating in Pennsylvania.  It is also the mission of PBA to promote travel by motorcoach, and tour and charter service provided by operator member in cooperation with and support for its travel industry supplier members. For more information, please visit or contact our Executive Director, Patricia Cowley at (717) 236-9042 or



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