PBA asked some of our members why their PBA membership is important to them.  Here is what they have to say:

Margo DeRouchie, Pennsylvania's Americana Region

“Mainly in support of our statewide bus tour operators, but also the importance of being at PBA Marketplace, the Annual Meeting, and the various networking and educational events offered.”

Sandy Borowsky, Starr Bus Charter & Tours

“I wanted to be able to network with other motorcoach and tour operators and to learn from them as well as share information.”

Lois Stoltzfus, Ohio Star Theater

“With living in Pennsylvania but working for a company based in Ohio, being a member allows me to continue to be in the know on all valuable motorcoach information from governmental to what is happening with members on both the operator and supplier side.”

Sherry Wertz. Hershey Farm Restaurant and Inn

“Hershey Farm joined PBA way back when. We have been members ever since I have been in my position starting in 2000. Hershey Farm believes in supporting associations and being in front of people.”

Adam Jacobson, Villa Roma Resort

“I've been involved with PBA since 1988. I can tell you why I've been involved ever since. It's the quality of the operators; the networking opportunities; the group leaders that attend the marketplace and so much more.”

Vaughn Crouse, Explore York

“My organization chose to belong to the Pennsylvania Bus Association because of its outstanding reputation. As one of the motorcoach industry's oldest member-based organizations, we felt that aligning ourselves with them would increase our profile to guests and cement our commitment to providing the highest level of client satisfaction. PBA not only met these initial expectations but exceeded them and we are a better organization because of our affiliation with them.“

Clare Ritter, Penn Wells Hotel & Lodge

“Each experience I have had (2021 Conference Sales meetings, 2022 Marketplace and 2022 Conference as a whole) has been eye opening and amazing.  The family/team nature of the industry of motor coach travel was one I did not fully understand until I was there in the midst of all it's members.   It is amazing to walk into a building, or property and be greeted by name, hugged like family, and know that you are part of something amazing.“