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The Pennsylvania Bus Association (PBA) incorporated in 1923 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to representing the business and governmental interests of private bus companies operating in Pennsylvania.




Join PBA, the only statewide trade association dedicated to the needs and issues of the motorcoach industry. Includes motorcoach operators, companies servicing the industry, and travel suppliers, all working together to build their businesses


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Pennsylvania Bus Association (PBA) Opens Member Driver and Employee of Distinction Award Program

For many decades, PBA has sponsored a Driver and Employee of Distinction Award's Program. This program honors a special driver or employee who has performed exceptionally well and worthy of recognitio...

The motorcoach, travel and tourism industry creates jobs nationwide, provides access for communities, and contributes to environmental sustainability. At PBA we strive to provide our members with information to further their businesses and create opportunities for industry connections.

PBA’s Marketplace provides bus operators, tour planners and group leaders the valuable opportunity to learn about exciting new attractions and explore favorite destinations for group travel.

PBA’s Annual Meeting is an industry-wide event devoted to education, business interaction, and social networking. A key component of the event is showcasing the geographic area so that motorcoach operators will return with groups to enjoy a new travel opportunity. 

PBA’s popular “Motorcoach Safety & Preparedness Workshop” not only provides employees of motorcoach companies an opportunity to learn about safety-related issues, it also establishes a working relationship with the enforcement community so that everyone involved in safety is informed.  Communication to understanding safety measures is the key to providing motorcoach customers with the necessary assurances the industry demands.