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NEW MEMBER BENEFIT - M&S Parking's Summons Management Program

M&S are bus industry experts whose program saves operators hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.  They also have over 45 years of experience in successfully contesting NYC parking tickets. 

M&S will perform the following as part of their service package at a discounted rate for members only:

  1. Process all the original tickets sent directly to M&S from PBA members.
  2. Analyze any NYC Department Of Finance (DOF) correspondence (e.g. Notices, etc.) received by PBA members and determine any required action.
  3. Monitor the DOF's records to identify outstanding summonses and process any that were either not received or turned in by the drivers.
  4. Analyze each outstanding summons to develop multiple defenses for dismissals.
  5. Create Electronic Case Folders to place a penalty hold on tickets and schedule them for a hearing.
  6. Contest each NYC parking ticket issued to your vehicles in Court before a Judge.
  7. Evaluate any guilty decisions to determine the appropriateness of filing an appeal.
  8. Email PBA members the hearing results which will include a check request for the DOF (for guilty tickets, if any) and M&S (service fees).
  9. Coordinate the payment of any guilty tickets with the DOF.
  10. Maintain a digital record of the hearing results for the statutory period - 8 years and 3 months.
  11. Interact with the DOF and Court to correct any payment/hearing errors.

PBA Member Savings: 13% discount

Please contact Tony Terranova to take advantage of this offer!  Make sure you advise that you are on the active PBA member roster.

M&S Parking Fund, Inc. 

63 Maida Terrace 

Red Bank, NJ 07701 


[email protected]



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