PBA has held a Marketplace event for over 2 decades to put our travel supplier members directly in touch with our bus operator group leaders…..the core of their business. This event features exciting exhibits by various destinations, convention and visitor bureaus, museums, casino companies, etc. arranged by region in a large exhibit hall. 

PBA coordinates an arrival schedule for our motorcoach operators who bring in excess of 1,000 group leaders looking to find fun and exciting places to travel. Motorcoach operator tour planners are also available to speak one-on-one.

All in all, this event has refined itself to meet everyone’s traveling needs!

To find out information about this coming year’s Marketplace, just click on the event in the left hand navigation. You will find detailed information with registration and sponsorship materials.

PBA's Marketplace Video

PBA’s annual Marketplace is a unique opportunity for our motorcoach operators’ group leaders to meet with attractions, hotels, convention & visitors bureaus, etc. to see where their group might want to travel….both day and overnight trips.  Never been to PBA’s invitation-only Marketplace? Take a look at these exciting videos from our 2017 and 2018 events! 

PBA Marketplace Bid Requirements

PBA’s annual Marketplace event is a group leader show with exciting participation from our motorcoach operators and the travel industry.  It allows one-on-one time with group leaders seeking new vacation spots and day-trip venues.  Since the event moves locations from time to time, a venue may review the bid specs for the event.