PBA Annual Meetings Overview

The Association conducts an annual meeting which is devoted to education, communication of ideas, social interaction, and networking for all the membership categories including Travel Supplier, Associate, and Operator Members.


EDUCATION    The education component always includes motorcoach industry representatives such as the FMCSA, motivational speakers, topics currently of interest to the industry, professionals from the industry, etc. There is also a track for the travel suppliers.


INDUSTRY EXPO    PBA features our Associate Members in this event by organizing an Industry Expo featuring the bus manufacturers, and tabletops all our Associate Member companies who service the industry. A casual lunch is served and incentives for the motorcoach operator representatives to visit all the table tops and bus displays.

SALES RETREAT    PBA’s travel suppliers are very important members of the association and is a special group that provides memorable travel experiences for our motorcoach members’ customers. The Sales Retreat is designed for one-on-one time between the motorcoach operator tour planners who have tables and are visited by travel suppliers in 5 minute segments. Everyone comes away with business leads.


SHOWCASE AREA    A key component of the event is to showcase a geographic area so that motorcoach operators return with their customer groups to enjoy a new travel opportunity.  A favorite characteristic of this yearly event is its informality and relaxed atmosphere to do business!  PBA solicits bids from Convention & Visitors Bureaus for the annual meeting site and generally plans two years out. 

SPONSORSHIP    Sponsorship opportunities are available at all PBA Annual Meetings.  We work with the hosting site for some sponsorships and have several additional sponsorships available to those companies not in the hosting area.  

Interested convention & visitors bureaus (or like organizations) are invited to submit a bid. for the 2023 PBA Annual Meeting. 2023 Annual Meeting bid specs, click here.


Past sites for PBA’s annual meetings include the following:

2020   Bethlehem, PA

2020   Cancelled

2019   Atlantic City, NJ

2018   Williamsburg, PA

2017   Corning, NY

2016   Gettysburg, PA

2015   Seven Springs, PA

2014   Discover Lehigh Valley, PA (Allentown, Bethlehem)

2013   Hyannis, MA (Cape Cod)

2012   Erie, PA

2011   Niagara Falls, NY

2010   Chesapeake, VA

2009   Poconos, PA

2008   Atlantic City, NJ

2007   Ocean City, MD

2006   Pigeon Forge, TN

2005   Dover, DE

2004   Lake George, NY

2003   Deep Creek Lake, MD

2002   Williamsburg, VA

2001   Branson, MO

2000   Nashville, TN

1999   Niagara Falls, ON

1998   Biloxi, MS

1997   1000 Islands, NY

1996   Pigeon Forge, TN

1995   Norfolk, VA

1994   Portland, ME

1993   Ocean City, MD

1992   Myrtle Beach, SC

1991   North Falmouth, MA

1990   Hilton Head, SC

1989   Ottawa, Ontario

1988   Toronto

1987   Sturbridge, MA

1986   Williamsburg, VA

1985   Lake Harmony, PA

1984   Poconos, PA